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Professional CCTV Installation
for your Home and Business in Lancashire, Preston and Blackpool.

Protect your Lancashire Home or Business with SAS Security's Professional CCTV Installation Services

We understand that ensuring the security of your loved ones and your valuable assets is of paramount importance. That’s why we offer expert CCTV installation services tailored to your specific needs and budget, all while providing a sense of security that is second to none.

Affordable CCTV Installation Packages :
SAS Security Keeps It Simple

No Nonsense, No Surprises: Just Affordable Security

We like to keep it simple. Our straightforward, cost-effective CCTV solutions ensure that your home remains secure without breaking the bank. 

Lancashire Home and Business
CCTV Camera Services

Home CCTV Supply & Install

Home CCTV Supply and Installation

Ensure the safety of your home and loved ones with our Professional Home CCTV Installation Services. Our experienced team will install the latest security cameras to provide you with peace of mind.

CCTV installed Black HikVision Camera

Business CCTV Supply and Installation

Protect your business with our specialised Business CCTV Installation Services. Our experienced team will design and install a robust surveillance system tailored to your business needs.

Fitting and Upgrading CCTV Camera

Existing CCTV Upgrades & Repairs

Enhance your current security system with our specialised CCTV Upgrades and Repairs service, including seamless integration of additional cameras to expand your existing CCTV system.

Why you need CCTV Cameras in Your Lancashire Home or Business

In today’s rapidly evolving world, security has become a top priority for homeowners and business owners alike. Ensuring the safety of your loved ones, property, and assets is crucial, and CCTV cameras have emerged as a reliable and effective solution to achieve this goal. Whether you’re protecting your family, your business, or both, here are compelling reasons why you need CCTV cameras in your Lancashire home or business:

Deter Potential Intruders and Enhance Safety

A professionally installed CCTV system acts as a powerful deterrent against potential intruders, minimising the risk of theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access. It provides you with round-the-clock monitoring, ensuring your property remains safe and secure.

24/7 Monitoring for Valuable Evidence

Investing in a CCTV installation ensures continuous monitoring, offering crucial evidence in case of incidents. The recorded footage can be vital for investigations and provides a clear record of events, aiding in resolving disputes or legal matters.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Installing CCTV cameras can lead to reduced insurance premiums for your home or business. Insurance companies often offer discounts to properties with comprehensive security measures in place, which can result in significant cost savings over time.

Remote Access and Alerts

Modern CCTV systems are equipped with remote access features, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can receive real-time alerts and notifications in case of suspicious activity, providing you with immediate control and peace of mind.

Optimise Productivity and Safety

CCTV systems contribute to enhanced productivity and safety within a business environment. By strategically placing cameras, you can monitor employees, operations, and customer interactions, optimising workflows and identifying areas for improvement.

Trust SAS Security to install and configure your CCTV system, tailoring it to your specific needs for maximum effectiveness and peace of mind.


Explore Our Range of High-Quality CCTV Camera Solutions Installed by SAS Security

Explore SAS Security’s comprehensive range of expertly installed CCTV camera solutions, including advanced dome cameras, Pan Tilt Zoom CCTV Cameras (PTZ) and specialised options, all tailored to meet your unique security needs. As part of our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we provide a Free Property Security Survey for all customers.

We take pride in delivering budget-friendly and reliable solutions while upholding the highest standards of security. Moreover, our expert team can advise you not only on the best camera selection but also on optimal camera placement to ensure comprehensive coverage, addressing all areas and eliminating blind spots, guaranteeing your utmost peace of mind and security of your Lancashire property.

Hikvision Colorvu Turret CCTV Camera

Turret CCTV Cameras

Hikvision turret cameras offer several advantages, including excellent image quality, versatile mounting options, and enhanced night vision capabilities. They are widely used in both indoor and outdoor applications, providing reliable surveillance for homes, businesses, and various other security needs.

Hikvision Bullet CCTV Camera

Bullet CCTV Cameras

Hikvision bullet cameras are prized for their robust outdoor performance, high-resolution video, and ease of installation. They are commonly deployed to monitor larger outdoor areas, such as car parks, entrances, and perimeters, delivering reliable surveillance in various weather conditions.

Hikvision PTZ CCTV Camera

PTZ CCTV Cameras

Hikvision PTZ cameras provide versatile surveillance, enabling remote pan, tilt, and zoom control for broad coverage. Commonly used for active monitoring in large outdoor areas, stadiums, and critical infrastructure, they offer precision and flexibility.

Hikvision Panoramic CCTV Camera

Panoramic CCTV Cameras

Hikvision Panoramic cameras capture 360-degree views, reducing the need for multiple cameras. Ideal for large areas and wide-angle surveillance in various environments, including retail spaces, airports, and open office layouts, they provide comprehensive coverage, simplify installation, and enhance overall security.

Hikvision Dome CCTV Camera

Dome CCTV Cameras

Hikvision Dome cameras offer discreet, unobtrusive design and versatile mounting options for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Widely used in homes, businesses, and retail environments, they combine reliable performance, high-resolution video, and a variety of features to provide effective and inconspicuous security solutions.

Hikvision Wifi CCTV Camera

Wireless CCTV Cameras

Hikvision WiFi cameras offer convenient wireless connectivity, simplifying installation and remote access. They are often used for indoor surveillance in homes and businesses, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Our Lancashire CCTV Supply & Install Service

We firmly believe every home and business should have rock-solid security. As Accredited Hikvision CCTV installers, we proudly serve the local communities in and around Preston, Blackpool, Chorley, and Lytham St. Annes.

Our mission is simple – to turn this belief into reality. We’re excited about securing your property with the latest CCTV technology, giving you peace of mind for you, your family, customers and staff members.

In today’s ever-changing world, security requires thinking out of the box. We innovate by researching and testing the latest advances in CCTV technology. Hikvision’s impressive range of CCTV cameras and systems isn’t just about watching over your property; it’s about having smart eyes on it. Imagine high-resolution imaging, night vision that’s next level, and advanced motion detection that identifies humans and alerts unusual activity. We’re all about being one step ahead of potential threats, and Hikvision’s tech makes this possible. 

We only supply and install the best CCTV systems for your needs and budget. As your trusted local CCTV installers, we give you peace of mind that your Lancashire home or business can be securely monitored at all times.

If you’re looking for fantastic security solutions in your local area in Lancashire, SAS Security is the recommended expert CCTV installer near you.

CCTV Installation

Why Choose SAS Security for Your CCTV Installation?

We take pride in being your local CCTV Expert at SAS Security. Here’s why we should be your first choice for CCTV installations in Preston, Blackpool, Chorley, Lytham St.Annes, Fylde Coast and across Lancashire.

Your property is unique, and so are your security requirements. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and concerns. Our team then customises a CCTV installation plan that perfectly aligns with your space, ensuring no blind spots and complete peace of mind.

As a leading expert in Hikvision CCTV technology, we bring you the very best in surveillance. Hikvision cameras are known for their cutting-edge features, including high resolution, superior night vision, and smart analytics. We leverage this technology to provide you with the best security solutions.

We’re not just a service provider; we’re your neighbours. Being a local business in Preston, we understand the community and its unique security challenges. Our commitment to the community drives us to deliver the highest standard of service, ensuring the safety and well-being of our fellow residents.

Our experienced team understand the value of your time. We ensure a streamlined installation process, minimising disruption to your routine. With minimal intrusion, we set up your CCTV system swiftly, so you can start reaping the benefits of enhanced security without delay.

We believe in providing exceptional value to our customers. Our fair pricing model ensures you get professional CCTV installations without exceeding your budget. At SAS Security, we are committed to offering better value compared to other companies in the industry.

We understand the urgency of security concerns. Our commitment to a swift response and quick lead time ensures that your CCTV system is installed and operational promptly, prioritising your safety.

We understand that the security landscape is ever-evolving. That’s why we offer comprehensive maintenance contracts to keep your CCTV system in prime condition. Our dedicated friendly team is always at your service, guaranteeing swift responses and efficient resolutions to any concerns you may have.

Experience Hikvision CCTV Cameras: The Pinnacle of CCTV Security Technology

Hikvision CCTV cameras are synonymous with cutting-edge features and superior performance. Immerse yourself in the future of CCTV security technology with Hikvision, expertly implemented by SAS Security. We are Accredited Hikvision CCTV Installers with a great reputation in and around Lancashire, Preston and Blackpool.

HikVision CCTV Camera Range
Hikvision Colorvu Infographic

Hikvision ColorVu CCTV Cameras

This groundbreaking technology captures vivid, full-colour images even in complete darkness. Say goodbye to the typical grayscale night vision; ColorVu ensures you see every detail, clearly and accurately.

Ready to see your world in colour, even at night?
Request a quote
for expert CCTV installation with HikVision ColorVu technology now!

CCTV Made Easy: Latest Lancashire CCTV Installation Features

Our Professional CCTV Cameras offer you security at your fingertips, providing peace of mind and convenience. With just a few taps, you can monitor your Lancashire property and loved ones from anywhere, anytime.

CCTV Night Vision Icon

Night Vision Capability

Enhanced visibility even in low-light conditions.

2 way CCTV audio icon

2 Way Audio

Engage in real-time conversations through your CCTV system.

CCTV Motion Detection Icon

Motion Detection

Smart detection to alert you of unusual activities.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom Icon

Pan, Tilt, Zoom

Flexible camera control for a broader view.

Secured CCTV data stored on the cloud Icon

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Access your CCTV feed from anywhere, anytime.

4K Ultra HD CCTV icon

High-Definition Video

Crystal clear video quality to capture every detail.

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