How to register your CCTV Cameras with Lancashire Police

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Registering Your CCTV Cameras with Lancashire Police: Enhancing Community Safety

In today’s rapidly evolving world, ensuring the safety and security of our homes and businesses is of paramount importance. One vital tool that aids in this is Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, which act as a vigilant eye, monitoring activities in and around our premises. To further improve community safety and assist law enforcement, Lancashire Constabulary offers an opportunity for individuals and businesses to voluntarily register their CCTV cameras through the Community Portal.

The Purpose of CCTV Registration

The primary goal of registering your CCTV cameras with the Lancashire Constabulary Community Portal is to facilitate a more streamlined approach in deterring and solving crimes within the community. This voluntary initiative allows for a more efficient exchange of information between the community and law enforcement, enabling a quicker response to incidents that may occur.

By registering your cameras, you provide vital assistance in identifying which cameras may hold evidential footage relevant to ongoing investigations. This registration process simplifies the process of accessing necessary footage, aiding the Investigating Officer in their work.

Can the Police access my CCTV Cameras?

It’s crucial to clarify that registering your CCTV cameras with Lancashire Constabulary does not grant them remote access to view your camera feed. The purpose is not to allow external access to your surveillance system, but rather to create an effective channel for law enforcement to request and collect specific footage relevant to investigations.

Lancashire Constabulary respects your privacy and emphasises that only the footage you choose to share with them in response to a request will be accessible. Your participation in this initiative merely simplifies the evidence collection process, ensuring a seamless and efficient exchange of information during investigations.

The Benefits of CCTV Installation

By voluntarily registering your CCTV cameras with the Lancashire Constabulary Community Portal, you contribute to a safer community and a more effective criminal deterrence strategy. Here are some key benefits of registration:

Streamlined Evidence Sharing

When law enforcement requires footage from your CCTV system as part of an investigation, requests for evidence sharing are sent via email. You can respond to these requests by uploading the requested footage directly to the portal, eliminating the need for physical storage devices like disks or USBs.

Simplified Communication

The registration process and subsequent communication regarding evidence requests are made more straightforward through this system. It ensures that requests and responses are centralised, enhancing overall communication efficiency.

Privacy and Data Management

Lancashire Constabulary places a high value on privacy and data security. Detailed guides and a privacy guide are available to help you understand how your data will be managed, ensuring transparency and giving you confidence in the process.

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How to Register Your CCTV Cameras

To register your CCTV cameras with Lancashire Constabulary, you can simply send an email to, confirming your name and the contact email you wish to use for registration. Subsequently, you will receive a registration link from (please check your SPAM folder). The registration process is intuitive, and guides are available to assist you.

For any inquiries or additional assistance during the registration process, feel free to email

In conclusion, the voluntary registration of CCTV cameras with the Lancashire Constabulary Community Portal is a proactive step toward enhancing community safety and aiding law enforcement in their efforts to deter and solve crimes. By participating in this initiative, you contribute to a safer environment for all, without compromising your privacy or granting unwarranted access to your surveillance system. Together, we can build stronger, safer communities.